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What are Party Decoration Sashes?

Party decoration sashes are made of long-size fabric ribbons with custom printed title names/blessing messages of the event and are worn during the school event award/birthday party celebration by the school admin or event organizing persons to the award achievers/participants.

Sashes For Formal Party Decoration

  • Graduation parties
  • Farewell parties
  • Convocation ceremonies
  • Award distribution ceremonies
  • Sports competitions

Sashes For Informal Party Decoration

  • Birthday parties
  • Hen party
  • Bride-to-be
  • Wedding parties
  • Just Married
  • Baby Shower Party
  • Wedding Anniversary
  • Bachelorette parties and various other types of ceremonial events.

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Sashes are long fabric ribbons worn around the neck starting from the front side left waist and going towards the right shoulder and ending both edges at the left side at the hip.

Obviously, sashes are made of 100% polyester satin ribbons, we at Shivani Enterprise have more than 20 different vibrant color satin ribbons (light and dark colors) for making sashes with trimmed edges. You can choose the best-fit fabric for your themed event decoration.

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Custom Party Decoration Sashes Sizes

Satin ribbons roll for making farewell sashes online comes width of 4″wide and approx 6 fit long, the printable side shiny look and backside matte finish. You can get customized sashes for school kids, youth, and adults. Commonly, we make sashes for men and women of all age groups.

Sashes for adults 76 inches long

Sashes For kids – 60 inches long sashes for best fittings.

We use a satin fabric ribbon thickness of 120 gsm, a printable size shiny, and a backside with a matte finish that withstands firmly during the event ceremony event in the open ground.

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Party Sashes Title Character Count

24-character title counts on sashes best fit with the best visibility. There are 17″ long and 3″ wide writing spaces including text and images both from the right shoulder to the left side waist where you can put the event organization logo and sash titles name. There is no specific sash guideline of the sash title name character but a minimal sash character is better in terms of Sash Title Name Visibility for Long Distances.

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Party Decoration Sashes Stitching and Finish

Commonly, satin ribbon-made sashes do not require to be stitched edges because our sashes’ long edges are well trimmed and have no chance to come out threads from the piece of fabric but sashes need to be sewed with male and female matching colors velcro. Velcro Stitched Sashes Are Much Better to align with the body compare to the safety pins.

Exclusive Sashes: Exclusive range sashes are made of a wide selection of specialized cloth like velvet, cotton, and linen or they are multiple choices of craftsmanship (embroidery, pearl embedding). These sashes are double layered both edges need to stitch well with velcro supporting.

Buy Economy Sashes Online

Economy sashes are single-layered and made of cheap satin ribbon materials and are best for the welcome of the huge group of students in organizations. Bulk economic starts from rs of 150/- each

Title Customization on Party Sashes

Don’t worry, you can place text and image both the party sashes the way you wish whether it is an image or text-based content. Putting the title on sashes is a comprehensive part of custom sash-making, so let’s dive into the details.

We use 4 different types of sash customization methods on sashes we use. Each customization method is unique, which customization method is the best for your party sash-making projects, depends on the sash fabric quality & color (light fabric, dark color fabric) and your sash print project contents (event title, logo, single color or multicolor, etc) you are choosing for.

  1. Sublimation Printing
  2. Vinyl Cut & Heat Press
  3. DTF Printing
  4. Embroidered Sashes

1. Sublimation Printing On Party Sashes

Most obviously, we print light-color polyester fabric-made custom sash titles using sublimation printing methods. It’s a digital printing application for fabric printing. Sublimation printed sashes are a vibrant print look, high detailing text & images, and permanent and washable print. The sublimation method has a limitation to printing on a variety of colors and fabrics. Sublimation printing performs the best print result only on Light Color Fabrics Party Sashes and print does not visible on Dark-Color Fabrics.

2. Vinyl Cut & Heat Press

When it comes to seeing sash titles printed on the metallic look, we use vinyl cut and heat press technology. It is a type of transfer printing application. I.e. a sash title letter is cut on the required color of the HTV vinyl and then transferred to the sash fabrics. I am sure that your search for specific color sash title requirements will be finished here even if it is your sash title color is GOLD, SILVER, GOLDEN GLITTER, SILVER GLITTER BORNGE, or any glittering sash letters because we are a stockist of more than 20 different colors of metallic and nonmetallic HTV Vinyls.

Metallic sash titles help to see sashes titles for a long distance off the award stage.

3. DTF Printing Application

As we know that sublimation printing do not effective on dark-color polyester fabrics. So we move to the next type of printing knowns as dtf printing. It is also a heat transfer printing application on fabrics. Here, your intended colorful design, logo, or photo is firstly reverse printed on pet films using a dtf printer and transferred on the selected dark or light color sash fabrics. DTF printing is effective even if your sash is made of polyester or cotton or anything else fabric.

It also a high detailing content printing on sash fabrics.

Embroidered Party Sashes

Embroidered Sashes come under exclusive sash categories. Where a sash title or design is digitized with colorful threads. Embroidery work is best performed only on thick and natural fabrics (cotton, velvet, and linen) made of sashes. Satin fabric is not recommended for embroidery work.

Checklist While Placing Party Sashes Orders Online

To make sure to get the best sashes print online results must follow the given instructions.

  1. Choose the right color sash fabric
  2. Catchy sash title. (keeping a bigger font size is the best practice).
  3. Make sure the sash title and fabric color combination must be matching during the design
  4. Make sure the title spelling and font typeface are correct.
  5. Place sashes order 2-3 days or more from the event date.
  6. Do you want to add an image of the organization logo on sashes, make sure to provide a high-quality image.

Party Sash Making Turnaround

Most of all polyester-made custom sashes are designed, printed, and supplied in the next 24 hours once the artwork is approved and payment is done. In some cases (complicated sash customization or making exclusive quality embroidery sashes, bulk sash making, pearl embedded sash) it takes 3-4 working days.

In case of required urgent sash printing services in Delhi & NCR, we design, print, and ship sashes on the same day but these services are available only in Delhi & NCR.

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Custom Sashes Making Prices in India

There are different tastes of sashes. so they have prices differently. We make light-color satin ribbon sash in India, price range starts from rupees 150/- each. and our exclusive sashes cost up to Rs. 1500/- each.

Shivani Enterprises assure a 100% guarantee of value for money for customized sash printing in Delhi in terms of the best quality, price, and fastest sash printing. You just need to send your sash titles’ names and choose the best suitable fabric color for your event theme

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