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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, most printing methods allow for customization with logos, text, and various designs to suit specific events, promotions, or branding needs.

Materials may include satin, silk, polyester, or other suitable fabrics known for their ability to hold prints or embroidery.

The durability of prints or embroideries depends on the printing technique and fabric quality; high-quality printing methods often result in longer-lasting designs.

Customization allows for varying lengths and widths, catering to different needs, whether it’s for pageants, corporate events, or academic ceremonies.

Turnaround times vary based on the complexity of the design, quantity, and the printing method, often ranging from same day to a couple of days.

Yes, these accessories can be tailored to suit diverse occasions, whether it’s for beauty pageants, academic ceremonies, or corporate events.

Customized Sashes Online

Customized sashes and stoles are dress-up accessories of used on various occassion such as Informal Events (farewell parties, baby shower parties, birthday princess sashes, bachelorette party sashes, birthdays sashes, pride-to-be sashes, beauty pageant sashes) and Formal Ceremonial Occasions (academic events ceremony, convocation ceremony in universities, graduation sashes, stoles, graduation cap, and gowns, etc. Searching designer sashes for unforgettable personalized events and memories in your life. This is 24/7 hour print shop in Delhi near by Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Available huge collection of luxurious feeling and professional sashes with Personalized Colorful Name & Logo Printed and Embroidery Printing. 

Sash Fabric Quality

We have a collection of wide range sash fabrics and sash ribbon collections to choose from (white, pink, yellow, green, black red, orange, golden, silver, etc.) shiny finest satin ribbon, and woven polyester materials for making custom sashes online. On special demand for exclusive customized sashes online, we do make sashes of Cotton and Velvet Fabric Materials when it comes to extraordinary sashes.

Customized Sashes Size

Customized means the way you want to see in terms of the sash title name, sash color, and best finish content on sashes for kids, and sashes for adults according to the sash wearer. Commonly we make sashes for kids 55 inches long and 76 inches for adults and sash width 4″ wide. Customization is available even if your sash quantity is one. We make Exclusive Range Sashes 5″ Wider and Length as well as Customer’s Specific Demand.

Sash Finishing

The sash finish is more important than the sash quality because the sash wearer is the hero of the event and is seen by a short and long-distance audience. For perfect fitting with body shape, we do make Velcro Supported and Tailor Made Size & Shape for the most engaging factor.

Sash Turnaround 

Commonly, all our custom sash printing is finished Within 24 Hours of receiving orders. An exclusive range of custom sashes is required for 2-3 days after additional orders online are received. We are a dedicated team of sash customization that is ready to print and deliver throughout our country the fastest.

Sash Printing Application

Shivani Enterprises is committed to serving you the best possible sash printing results. So there are uses multiple sash printing applications. Sublimation Printing,  DTF Printing, Heat Press, and Embroidery Printing are the most popular methods. So we provide a variety of printing applications. according to sash fabric behavior.